Fat loss transformations with Flexible Dieting by Team RH Fitness

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Here is a little video I put together to show some of the wonderful Fat loss transformations of some of the team losing fat on flexible dieting with Team RH Fitness. It has been an amazing year and extra special to see so many people reaching their personal goals, finding themselves and seeing their confidence explode. Richard Howey and Rachel Hepton are the 2 brains (and fit bodies) behind Team RH Fitness. Their mission is to teach as many people the truth about fat loss (Simply fat loss is only possible through caloric deficit) and to stop people being misled. Wait until you see the fat loss transformations!!! When you join, within a few hours of watching the introductory videos, you will be wondering how are majority of the health industry getting away with keeping only way to lose fat long-term a secret. You will learn so much about your body, how to fuel it and how to create a calorie deficit. You’ll also learn that hours and hours of exercise will not burn fat… yes you read that right. Exercise does not burn fat. It only burns calories. You lose weight when the calories you consume are less than the calories that you use up through activity levels. From simply walking, you can lose fat while being on the maximum calories that are right for you. You will not find anyone in this group on under 1500 calories a day. Why? No one can live on anything under this long-term. Come and take a look at these fat loss transformations. Leave a comment and let me know who your favorite fat loss transformations are.  

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