The Fat Loss secret no-one wants you to know

fat loss secret
Good morning from Ireland!  I have a little video to share about the Fat Loss secret that no other diet is sharing out there. The only plan sharing this essential knowledge bomb is Team RH Fitness! It’s called ‘Caloric Deficit’. Simply put, caloric deficit is created when less calories are eaten than are burned through keeping a body alive and any additional activity done. So here comes the important bit, in order to be in a deficit, it’s essential to know how many calories are being eating and know how many are being burned. The difference between the two is the amount of deficit your body is in. It’s all about energy balance, energy in (calories in) versus energy out (calories out). In Team RH Fitness, the deficit is created through ‘flexible dieting’. When a body does not have enough energy for it’s daily needs, as a result, it will pull that energy from the body fat stores. What does that mean? Fat Loss!!  Certainly makes sense right? This method is 100% guaranteed to work as long as  the 3 golden rules that Team RH give are followed everyday. Hit Calories, Hit Protein and Hit fiber. Want to find out more? Take a look at a quick video I made and pop over to my Facebook page and  give it some love. It’s time to let the secret out about Fat Loss….The one secret NO OTHER DIET is sharing! Come Join me in Team RH Fitness, where you will get a no-nonsense approach and will be told the TRUTH about the one thing EVERY diet needs to work…. If you want to know the best way to lose fat or get fitter, you’ve just found it. Sustainable, 24/7 Online Coaching support, Best Online Subscription Fitness Group, Home and/or gym workouts…. This is your Sign! Use Code —> ILOVECARBS<— to sign up here!

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