5 Minute Overnight Oats – Flexible Dieting

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I am all about recipes that have the minimal amount of prep work and ingredients. Overnight oats are no exception. They are a modern take on old-fashioned porridge. They are a great addition to your diet and are pretty good macro-wise as well. There are endless combinations of different ingredients to suit your taste.

Beside the oats, I add a small drop of Alpro Almond Milk (13cal per 100ml), 0% Fat Greek Yogurt and then fruit or nuts. Macros will depend on your particular ingredients. The recipe below is high in protein and low in fat. Win Win!


  • 40g Instant Oats ( You can use Old Fashioned rolled oats if your prefer
  • 10g Grenade Protein Chocolate Spread
  • 30g of Protein Powder of your choice. (I use this one: https://mumreloaded.com/product/natural-whey-protein-isolate-vanilla/)
  • 200g 0% Fat Greek Yogurt (I use Fage or the fat free greek yogurt in Aldi)
  • Fruit or topping of your choice
  • a drop of almond milk (I use Alpro Almond 13cals per 100g)



  • Add the oats, protein powder and dash of milk and stir.
  • Next add the protein chocolate spread
  • On top of this, add a layer of greek yogurt.
  • Finally finish off with fruit (or other filling of your choice)
  • In the morning, give the oats a good stir through and enjoy!.

Do let me know how you find them in the comments!

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