How to hit carbs macro with teamrhfitness (IIFYM)

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In this video, I’ll go through the best foods to eat to hit your carb macro with ease! funnily enough, I personally have no issue hitting my carb macro. i do know that those on higher calories can often find hitting their carb macro difficult. this is sometimes due to eating too mny voluminous carb foods which can make it difficult to eat them all! As you know, one of the rules for flexible dieting with Team RH Fitness is to eat ALL your calories. This is for the simple reason that when you have been dieting over a prolonged period, your lepton levels(fat loss hormone) will start to drop. This in turns causes you hunger hormone to increase which will make you hungrier and crave foods. By eating all you calories, you will keep your caloric deficit just large enough to illicit fat loss but not so big that it causes you to binge. Take a watch and let me know your comments below.

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